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Next MnABPsi Meeting


Next MnABPsi Meeting

Saturday, May 14, 2022

4:00 PM to 5:00 PM via ZOOM

1. Welcome, introductions, and updates.
2. Financial report. ABPsi is a 501c3 non-profit.
3. ABPsi will restart offering a “free” CE each meeting.
4. Results from the 2022 MN Legislature.
5. MN DHS funding for BIPOC therapists training to become a
clinical supervisor. Other funding opportunities.
6. Abpsi National Conference (via Zoom)  July 20-23.
7. MN State Demographics
8. Discussion on the critical shortage of Black therapists and re-
building the MnABPsi chapter.

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Tabitha Grier-Reed receives Taborn Award


On February 7, Dr. Tabitha Grier-Reed, Ph.D., LP became the most recent recipient of the John M. Taborn Award. The award was established more than a decade ago as a joint endeavor of the Minnesota Psychological Association and the Minnesota Chapter of the Association of Black Psychologists to recognize Outstanding Contributions to Minnesota Psychology by a person of African Descent. It was renamed in honor of Dr. Taborn, who was a trailblazer in the delivery of mental health services to African Americans in this region. The award is given each year at the Minnesota Psychological Association’s February First Friday Forum to coincide with the observance of African American History Month.


Dr. Grier-Reed is one of only three Black Full Professors in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. She spoke about her long and difficult journey in rising from being a student in Ed Psych to beginning tenured track position in the General College and persevering to achieve her goal of becoming a Full Professor.

Much of her research has centered around has centered around creating supportive networking to aid the success of Black students.  In 2005 she co-founded the African American Student Network (AFAM) and still shows up to co-facilitate the weekly networking group on campus. The AFAM model has been implemented in other educational settings, including at the high school level.

In 2019, Dr. Grier-Reed was promoted to Full Professor. Along the way she also became a Distinguished Teaching Professor and part of the University’s Academy of Distinguished Teachers.  She has also served a Past-President of the Minnesota Psychological Association and has been credited by some with being largely responsible for turning that organization around and helping it to achieve a sound financial footing.

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Dr. Garrett Presents at First Friday Forum


Dr. Willie Garrett, MNABPsi President  was the presenting speaker at the MPA February First Friday Forum. His presentation, entitled “The Chasm: African American Men and Behavioral Health” addressed a litany of disparities that face African American men when it comes to behavioral health outcomes. Dr. Garrett held the audience riveted to a wealth of research data and statistics by relating it to his personal experiences both as a Black man and as a treatment professional.

This forum was launched over a decade ago as a joint venture of the Minnesota Psychological Association and the Minnesota Chapter of the Association of Black Psychologists in observance of African American History Month.  It is coordinated each year by the MPA Diversity Committee, on which several MnABPsi members are represented. It is Co-sponsored by Metropolitan State University.

Dr. Garrett is also President of MPA.

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Free CE Series


The Free CE Series launched by MnABPsi last fall has been very well received.  It has given local Black Psychologists a way to learn about the history and mission of ABPsi while receiving approved Continuing Education Credits for doing so.  Presented in co-ordination with our regular bi-monthly meetings, the free presentations have been supported by generous donations from those attending who have the means, while not presenting a cost impediment for others.

The first 2 sessions have used the recent film by Dr. Shawn Utsey: “Toward A Black Psychology” as a starting point for insightful explorations into the “why” and “where to” of Black Psychology as an organized discipline. Dr. Utsey is Chair of African American Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University and a longtime member of ABPsi.

We very much want to continue this arrangement of offering free CE training to our membership, as well as both Free and Tuition Based trainings once the country finds its way through the current national health crisis.  If you would like to be a part of the planning and/or delivery of future offerings please contact Dr. Harvey Linder using the Contact Form at the bottom of this Post.

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Psychotherapist or Psychotherapist Practitioner

Psychotherapist or Psychotherapist Practitioner

Family Enhancement Center

Minneapolis, MN 55417

The mission of Family Enhancement Center is to create lasting solutions to prevent and heal child abuse. We strive to build strong children, strong families and support communities to create a society where children are safe, respected and valued.

Child abuse robs children of their childhood—we help give it back.

Safe Families - Safe Children

Family Enhancement Center employs an amazing team of professionals who creatively impact the well-being of children and families who are at risk for or have experienced child abuse. Staff assist clients with healing through psychotherapy and family education. The emphasis of care is on trauma informed and body based techniques to support an individual’s recovery from past trauma and movement towards health. The Family Enhancement Center fosters a strong team environment which supports the therapist’s self-care, growth and learning.   


Flexible schedule, supervision for licensure, some travel reimbursement, supportive collegial team, continuing education offered, generous vacation, diverse team and health/dental insurance.

Position Summary:

Responsible for conducting diagnostic assessments and providing ongoing psychotherapy for outpatient mental health services as well as parent education. Clients range in age from 3 to 103.


Masters or Doctorate Degree in social work, marriage and family therapy, or psychology with emphasis on clinical practice. Experience with Electronic Health Record systems preferred. This position requires some evening and/or Saturday weekend hours. Services may be delivered in the office, at home, school or in the community and may be located off site.

Psychotherapist requires MN state licensure and eligibility to become a credentialed provider with insurance entities e.g., LP, LICSW, LMFT, LPCC, Clinical Nurse Specialist (LP or LICSW preferred for insurance reimbursement).

Psychotherapist Practitioner requires clinical trainee (be complying with requirements for licensure or board certification as a mental health professional including supervised practice in the delivery of mental health services for the treatment of mental illness) to become mental health professional (e.g., LP, LPCC, LICSW, LMFT.)

Interested? Contact Libby Bergman at  612-998-1225 or  Libby@mnpreventabuse.org

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FREE CE Series: Part 2

(2.0 CE credits)

Attention ABPsi members and friends! MnABPsi is offering an EXCITING FREE BENEFIT as part of our upcoming regular meetings: Free Continuing Education credits approved by the Minnesota Board of Psychology ( If you are NOT a Licensed Psychologist, check with your respective licensing boards to see if they will accept CE offerings that are approved by the Bd. of Psychology). Next in the Series will be:

Foundations of Black Psychology, Part 2: Issues in Culturally Appropriate Assessment

Saturday, Feb 15

3 – 5 pm

This session will include a viewing of Part 2 of the film “Toward a Black Psychology: Origin & Evolution of a Discipline” and will include a discussion of why ABPsi supported a ban on IQ testing of Blacks, and what are now appropriate issues to consider in the psychological assessment of persons of color.

These discussions will be led by doctors Harvey Linder, Ph.D., LP and Pearl Barner II, Ph.D., LP.

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MnABPsi President speaks at Community forum

MnABPsi Pres Willie Garrett speaks at Congressional Black Caucus event

MnABPsi president Willie Garrett spoke recently on the shortage of Black mental health professionals when invited by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar who hosted a delegation of the Congressional Black Caucus in a series of community conversations on issues of importance to the Black Community. Dr. Garrett is flanked by Dr. Rachel Hardeman, a researcher on health disparities at the U of M, and Cynthia Fashaw, Director of multicultural Outreach at NAMI-Mn.

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MnABPsi Members Active at National Conference

Four members of our local chapter participated at the recent National Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi) conference in Orlando Florida, July 24-28. President Dr. Willie Garrett was in attendance, as was first-time attendee, Sue Govern. Drs. Harvey Linder and Pearl Barner took part in a presentation by the ABPsi Ethics Committee on Applying Maatian Principles to Organization Development in African Descent Organizations. Dr. Linder and Dr. Barner are both members of the Ethics Committee and have spent the past four years working on a re-write of the ABPsi Ethical guidelines using the principles of Ma’at as a framework. Dr. Barner Co-Chairs ABPsi’s Ethics Committee. Dr. Linder has recently signed on to Co-Chair the Chapter Development Committee.

Dr. Linder with ABPsi Students and APA President

Dr. Linder is seen in this image alongside Dr. Rosie P. Bingham, current president of the American Psychological Association (APA), as they congratulate incoming national officers of the ABPsi Student Circle.

Looking like African Queens

A second photo shows (from left to right) Dr. Huberta Jackson-Lowman, Outgoing President of The Association of Black Psychologists, Dr. Rosie P. Bingham, President of the American Psychological Association, Dr. Theopia Jackson, Incoming President of ABPsi, and Dr. Constance Williams, another member of the ABPsi Ethics Committee.

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MnABPsi President Dr. Willie Garrett to become President of Mn Psychological Assn

Mn ABPsi President, Dr. Willie Garrett, announced last month that he has been elected to the post of President of the Minnesota Psychological Association. Garrett will serve as President-Elect during the remainder of 2019, and then begin his year as President in January of 2020. Dr. Garrett becomes the second MnABPsi President to also serve in the role of MPA President, following in the footsteps of Dr. Bravada Garrett-Akinsanya (no relation) who was a trailblazer in that respect. Her presidency set the stage for two other MnABPsi members, Dr. Harriett Copher Haynes, and Dr. Tabitha Grier Ried to also hold that post.

Dr. Garrett’s ascension will necessitate the selection of a new President for our Chapter. So, if any of you are interested in taking on a leadership post or might like to suggest or urge a colleague to do so, start thinking about it now.

Smiling photo of Dr. Willie Garrett
Willie Garrett, MS, LP, Ed.D.

Our Minnesota Chapter of ABPsi owes a great debt to Dr. Garrett. He has almost singlehandedly kept the chapter alive and afloat through several years when the commitment of others was often drawn away by competing duties. Throughout, Dr. Garrett continued to step up and hold the mantle because he saw the ongoing need for Black Psychologists to have a visible organized presence in Minnesota due to the influx of new students and professionals wishing to connect, and the requests from media and agencies reaching out for a voice from the Black psychological community on the pressing issues of the day.

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