FREE CE Series: Part 2

(2.0 CE credits)

Attention ABPsi members and friends! MnABPsi is offering an EXCITING FREE BENEFIT as part of our upcoming regular meetings: Free Continuing Education credits approved by the Minnesota Board of Psychology ( If you are NOT a Licensed Psychologist, check with your respective licensing boards to see if they will accept CE offerings that are approved by the Bd. of Psychology). Next in the Series will be:

Foundations of Black Psychology, Part 2: Issues in Culturally Appropriate Assessment

Saturday, Feb 15

3 – 5 pm

This session will include a viewing of Part 2 of the film “Toward a Black Psychology: Origin & Evolution of a Discipline” and will include a discussion of why ABPsi supported a ban on IQ testing of Blacks, and what are now appropriate issues to consider in the psychological assessment of persons of color.

These discussions will be led by doctors Harvey Linder, Ph.D., LP and Pearl Barner II, Ph.D., LP.

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