President’s Message

The Association of Black Psychologists describes its mission as:

Dr. Willie Garrett,  MnABPsi President

Dr. Willie Garrett
MnABPsi President


  • the liberation of the African Mind
  • the empowerment of the African Character
  • and the illumination of the African Spirit

Black Psychologists understand that an authentic psychology of African people can only emerge through an Afrocentric lens. It is only through discovering ones true self, that one can learn to transcend boundaries of self and society. It is only by embracing, fulfilling, and transcending historical cultural imperatives that the mental, physical, and social wellbeing of all persons (including those of African descent) can be optimized.

ABPsi, as the organization has become known, is an international organization made up of local and regional chapters throughout the world. These chapters operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, including but not limited to:

  • promoting and advancing the profession of African Psychology
  • influencing and affecting social change; and
  • developing innovative approaches to solving problems of Black communities and other ethnic groups

For the public, the association offers a membership directory to find a psychologist:

For psychologists, the association offers professional networking, education, conferences, student mentoring and scholarships, and public policy advocacy.


The Minnesota Chapter of the Association of Black Psychologists wants to make it easier for Black Psychologists to connect with one another, and for the larger community to connect to us. So, we’ve developed  this site and a Directory of Black Mental Health Resources  linked to it.  We also want to promote a greater awareness of the mental health needs of African Americans, and join with others to seek solutions.

We’re HERE to serve YOU!